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About London Shoeshine

About London Shoeshine.

We provide shoeshine chairs with highly motivated and fully uniformed staff for both exhibitions and corporate events, generating high quality leads and attracting potential customers to your stand.

Our unique, professional and personal shoe cleaning service will dramatically increase traffic to your booth while successfully creating a buzz around your event – maximising your marketing opportunities whilst helping your company increase sales, and profits!

Our service is ideal for worldwide exhibitions and conferences, a company or individual will hire London Shoeshine to offer free shines to attract potential clients to their space. Once there, the delegates or target customers find themselves in a relaxed environment, and a "soft sell" approach is possible with a client that is now in a frame of mind to listen to a particular sales pitch or answer a quick questionnaire. While the prospect is enjoying this incredible shine, the sales team immediately recieves a captive audience. Visitors top your stand will be grateful for a chance to sit down and be pampered, and will become a wonderfuly memorable talking point that your competitors giving out branded teddybears and pens will be envious of.

Other corporate events, such as trade shows, product launches or awards ceromonies also benefiet from our service. People congregate around a shoestand, discuss ideas, and feel looked after by your business. Best of all, we can tailor our service so that it fits seamlessly into your corporate identity. Some of our clients so far have included Christian Louboutin, Prada, Alfred Dunhill, Morgan Stanley and many more bluechip companies.

London Shoeshine

We provide our clients with an amazing traffic builder that is designed to keep the potential customer in the exhibit space as long as possible. We can also collect business cards on your behalf when they sit down which you can use for followup communications. The whole process can take from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how strong the potential lead is percieved to be.
At present, we are not yet liable for VAT so the above prices are final costs. 50% deposit is payable on booking. Balance due on day after job completion Deposit is non refundable if cancellation is made within 8 weeks of start date (A hotel contribution of £50 is added for overnight stays).

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